Pixar’s Girl Problem

Hmmm, by my count… one female (and she ain’t even human)

Since birth, I’ve had a love affair with Disney. From trips to Disney World to my obsession with Minnie Mouse to being forever traumatized by the combination of Bambi and Mufasa’s death to falling in love with Prince Eric to sobbing at the end of Toy Story 3, Disney has always had a presence in my life. Pixar is what many experts agree to be the most critically and commercially successful of all the Disney branches. But speaking from a girl’s perspective, there seems to be a huge yet heretofore unnoticed gap in Pixar’s lineup. One journalist, Joel Stein, noticed it too, and decided to take a trip to Pixar Studios in California on the eve of the company’s release of Brave, their very first film with a female lead. What he found might surprise you…

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