The Hunger Games Blows Up The Stock Market

Remember how yesterday I told you guys that The Hunger Games advance tickets were selling like hotcakes on Fandango? Well, this morning, news broke that the film has actually shattered the record previously held by The Twilight Saga: Eclipse for first day advance ticket sales.

This is huge for the franchise, as well as for the studio producing the movie, Lionsgate. The production company has had to weather more than its share of flops in 2011 and the economic outlook did not look good. This, subsequently, drove its stock way down. However, with its recent merger with Summit Entertainment (the people behind Twilight) and the almost guaranteed success of The Hunger Games (especially with this morning’s news) the stock is at an all time high… and rising.

My main concern with this movie is that it makes enough money for Lionsgate to immediately greenlight a sequel. The second installment, Catching Fire, is my favorite of the trilogy and I would absolutely love to see it on the big screen. With the advance ticket sales breaking records and thousands of midnight showings already sold out, I am extremely confident in that goal being reached.

My midnight tickets for the IMAX showing are already bought and printed, are yours? I recommend getting them while you still can :)