Game of Thrones Trailer Breakdown #3

With under a month to go until the release of Season 2 of Game of Thrones, HBO has hit the gas on their promotional machine.

First up is the release of yet another teaser trailer. I don’t know why HBO felt the need to release another one, but I’m not complaining. This trailer is different than its predecessors because instead of using the GoT score as background music, HBO used a song by Florence and the Machine called “Seven Devils“. I personally think the song fits perfectly with the mood of this trailer and perhaps the series as a whole. It’s haunting and epic and it doesn’t hurt that in the world of Westeros, the religion centers around ‘The Seven’ (wiki link). Very clever, producers 😉

On to the actual content of the trailer. The beginning offers much of the same footage that has been in previous teasers: The great northern expanse, the harsh endless desert, the throne room at King’s Landing, the burning beaches of Dragonstone. Then things get interesting. We see a new shot of what might be wildlings trekking across a frozen lake, another new shot of Tywin Lannister riding into Harrenhall with a filthy Arya watching from the shadows, old shots of Robb Stark at his camp, a new quote from Cersei “Sometimes I wonder, if this is the price, for what we’ve done, for our sins…” followed by a shot of her dear twin brother (and lover) Jaime imprisoned and haggard. More old glimpses, like The Hound fighting and Daenerys outside of gates of Qarth.

The next segment is accompanied by another epic quote, this time by Robb. We see him leading armies with the voiceover in the background, “Three victories don’t make you a conqueror.” His response? “Better than three defeats.” (Richard Madden’s delivery is perfect here). That is followed by a brief glimpse of Jaime in prison being confronted by something big (Greywind perhaps?), our first new shot of Joffrey (aka The Little Shit) looking unbearably smug on his Throne while he watches with glee as poor Sansa Stark’s clothes are ripped off (Sophie Turner’s face is heartbreaking).

The next images show armies clashing in the burning night, Jon furiously running away from something, Tyrion in his battle armor, Melisandre looking quite devilish backlit by red flames, a slow motion shot of The Hound destroying some poor soldier, more war, and another chilling quote, this time from Tyrion to his sister, “A day will come when your joy will turn to ashes, and you will know the debt is paid.” Hmmm, very interesting. This quote plays over shots of the mob in King’s Landing threatening the safety of the royal family and ends with Cersei giving her younger brother the smirkiest of smirks (Lena Heady just nails it). We get one more shot of a hopeless looking Dany and then the trailer seems to end. However, right after the title sequence fans are rewarded one more brilliant line, little Arya Stark seems to look straight into the camera when she says, “Anyone can be killed.” With a final shot of a lone Stark soldier waiting on hill, the direwolf heraldry blowing in the wind, looking at Winterfell. Its a subtle reminder of Ned’s death and the fact that in this series, no one is safe.

26 days…

One thought on “Game of Thrones Trailer Breakdown #3

  1. I found it still interesting how some tignhs changed compared to the book. Many people probably didn’t notice that Sandor Clegane killed the butcher’s boy, that’s only mentioned, not shown. Also he does not have this evil smile and seems to oppose Joffrey passively, instead of doing everything he is told with rather sadistic passion! It might also have got lost that Jaime and Cersei are siblings, though they really emphasize the sweet brother/sister in the Lannister family to make sure people get it. Jaime is a much more sympathic character, in the books he started off much more as a jackass, besides throwing Bran from the tower in both show and book. For Danaerys they really emphasized the sex aspects. I also think I remember that Khal Drogo was rather reluctant about having sex with her initially, he differs somewhat from the series in this regard.

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