The Final Game of Thrones Trailer

Game of Thrones fans now have just over a month to wait for the premiere of the second season of the hit HBO drama. With that in mind, the final full-length trailer, titled “Power and Grace”, was released this weekend. This trailer reveals the most new footage by far and is a fitting tease to what I’m sure will be a superb season of television.

The trailer starts out in a place we’ve seen before; namely, Jon Snow looking into the great white expanse of the far north with an expression of defeat on his face. We then move south to the beaches of Dragonstone which have been set on fire by a certain red priestess. The trailer then flashes to The Hound clobbering a poor knight to death, to Littlefinger comforting(?) a frightened Ros, to Cersei looking devious, to a gray battlefield, to The Hound again showing his skill with a blade, to Arya stroking her beloved sword Needle, and finally to Tywin Lannister finishing his little speech, “…nothing matters but how it ends.”

We now move even further south to the unending desert where we see glimpses of Dany. News of the war has reached Qarth and she believes that the time to strike Westeros is now. Under her voiceover we get a new shot of the meeting of Baratheon brothers (Stannis and Renly) on the green field that we’ve already seen teased in several behind-the-scenes videos. We also get a couple new looks of the King in the North (Robb Stark) and his mother Catelyn. These shots tease an upcoming storyline about Robb and a certain woman whose love affair might ruin everything.

The man himself, Tyrion, is up next. It is clear in just these few seconds of screen time that his new role as Hand of the King brings with it some difficulties he might not have expected. For instance, while his enemies surround him outside the city, the enemies from within prove to be just as dangerous. Next up, we get the first shot of Bran for this season. He is on Hodor’s back and he comments about the mysterious red comet that has now become a constant presence in the sky. Osha is quick to tell the young Stark that the comet means only one thing, dragons. Right on cue, we receive another first look; this time of one of Dany’s dragons sitting on her shoulder.

Tyrion and Cersei return with more bickering about war and we finally get to see something I have been waiting for since casting; our first look at Qhorin Halfhand. The trailer jolts back beyond the Wall and we see the ranger in all his glory. The Night’s Watch story is then fleshed out a bit more as Jon is explicitly told by Jeor Mormont that one day he will have the lead these men, but before that he will have to learn to follow.

A rather fierce Dany is up next promising that when her dragons are full grown they will lay waste to armies and burn cities to the ground. This is coupled with shots of…burning armies and burning cities. Varys gets to recite his now famous line about power as we see Tyrion holding a suspicious green substance with a look of reverence and fascination.

The flashes now come very quickly: a sword on fire, a frightened Davos, Melisandre performing a spell, Catelyn, Brienne, Loras, The Hound. An angry mob in King’s Landing threatens the royal family and an incensed Cersei reveals what is really means to rule. A disgustingly smug Joffrey sitting on his throne is next while Tyrion admits that his nephew is a lost cause. In another new shot we see an imprisoned Jaime being confronted by Grey Wind, Robb Stark’s direwolf. A terrified Jon Snow witnesses something horrible in the wild and the Lord Commander assures him it will not be the last time.

The flashes start again, an angry Arya wielding some kind of weapon, Theon Greyjoy being baptized by the sea, Sansa, Bran, Shae, another battle, our first look at Gendry (yay!), The Hound and his helmet, Renly and his Queen Margaery, Dany, Arya again, a member of the Night’s Watch with a bow and arrow, Brienne and Loras locked in a melee, TYRION SLAPPING JOFFREY!!!, and finally, Jon thrusting his sword into something.


Honestly, every inch of this footage looks perfect. I have a grand total of zero complaints. Every time I watch it I get massive chills and that’s exactly what a trailer is supposed to do. The new shots were especially fantastic and this whole promotion process has given me immense hope that the second season will be even better than the first. Job well done!

34 days…

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