Are You Hungry Yet? (THG Update)

The Hunger Games advance tickets went on sale yesterday morning. With a month to go until the film’s March 23 release, it’s already dominating Fandango, accounting for 83 percent of the site’s total sales. Fans of the Collins books — and anyone who might just be interested in checking out what could become the next “Twilight”-like movie craze — can purchase their seats via and

With the countdown in its final phase, Lionsgate is making a multi-front push to maximize interest in the film and ensure its success. They said Tuesday that it will launch a weeklong tour of the nation’s shopping malls on March 3, during which fans can meet the film’s stars, such as Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth, as well as director Gary Ross. The tour, which will offer Q&A sessions and giveaways, will kick off at the Westfield Century City mall on March 3 before making its way to shopping centers in Atlanta, Phoenix, Chicago, Miami, Dallas, Minneapolis and Seattle.

The next update is that there were two new TV spots released this week that include several new glimpses, but mostly just the same clips in a slightly different sequence. I am excited that the studio is keeping much of the film a secret; it builds a greater sense of anticipation among the fans.



 Finally, Peeta Mellark himself, Josh Hutcherson, recently took to twitter to share his reaction of the finished movie:

…One Month!

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  1. I never listen to the cricits. It’s like the only want to see extreme tragedy, drama, viloence or some other type of hopelessly depressing and dark movie. I, for one, do not need to PAY to be depressed. Bring on the funny and cute movies! This one is on my list. Love Reese!Thanks for the review, Kim!xo-Lisa

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