New Game of Thrones Video Update

Last night, HBO dropped their latest behind-the-scenes video for Game of Thrones. In this one, we get a much closer look at some of the characters and sets for season 2. There are also blink-and-you’ll-miss-it glimpses of some of the new characters including, Brienne of Tarth, Renly Baratheon and his queen Margaery, Arya as ‘Arry at Harrenhall, a fiery Melisandre, and a certain mysterious green substance…
This video also includes short interview segments with the main cast talking about the impact of the first season and how they felt coming back into the world of Westeros. Their enthusiasm for the show is infectious, it’s obvious how much they love working on it. That alone should make every fan excited for what’s to come.


Another new video in the Making of Game of Thrones Season 2 series lets us in on what it takes to be an extra in a huge HBO production. This is a cool video because it shows us just how much work goes in to this show. The producers really want true authenticity and that realism and without a large cast of extras, that isn’t possible. I also found it quite interesting that most of the extras are huge fans of the books and the show. I know that if GoT filmed anywhere near me, I would be first in line to get a chance to be on set and pretend like I lived in Westeros.


The last new video is perhaps my favorite because it focuses on the storyline of season 2 that I am most looking forward to seeing; namely, the journey of the Night’s Watch north of the Wall. I already knew that HBO decided to film these scenes in Iceland, but seeing the location for real was incredible. All the actors seem to be loving the fact that they’ll barely have to act with the amazing backdrop behind them instead of a green screen. Most importantly though, they all look cold. In order for this segment of the show to have any impact, the coldness of the frozen desert must be emphasized. So far, so good :)


New Teaser Posters
These posters were released on the Game of Thrones official twitter account. As we get closer to the season two premier, expect some better, more epic posters. These are purely meant to tease what’s to come and not meant to be plastered on to the sides of buses or billboards. I personally love each quote, but Varys’ takes the cake :)
40 Days…
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One thought on “New Game of Thrones Video Update

  1. Ok ok ok ok ok. So I broke down and really put the eoffrt into reading these books. I still think Martin is a hack of writer, when it comes to plot movement (storm of swords proves it) and while I am thoroughly hating my way through a Feast For Crows, I am doing so only because I want to know more about this awesome looking series. During the reading it became obvious that only HBO would have the balls to produce something like this, with Martin’s obsession for the words fuck, cunt, shit, and ass, and his obvious taste for incest porn, HBO is the only company on cable who could do it. ((Holy run on sentence)) I very much believe that this is going to be a case of: The Screen version is far far far far far and away better than the Print. ( think Jason Bourne no one in their right mind would think the books were great and if you do. . . shoot yourself). My only complaint is that for the Stark children they placed all actors who are clearly much older than the children are supposed to be in the books. It’s the age of those kids that makes their characters interesting and in many cases believable. If they cast older children they’ll lose the reality of some of the reactions. Otherwise, this is my most anticipated TV of the year.

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