The Game

So it begins…

The madness of the two weeks leading up to the Superbowl is about to reach its climax in just 48 hours. I’m terrified, confident, suicidal, and giddy all at once. Make no mistake, this game is huge. In my opinion, it might even be bigger than any other Superbowl in history. There is so much on the line for both teams that it kind of seems unfair for either to lose. Perhaps that’s why I’m having such a difficult time predicting how the game is going to play out. Usually I have a pretty good sense of whether a game will be a shoot out, defensive battle, or something in between. However, this time, I feel like I’m going into it completely blind. One minute I feel like my Giants have no shot and that the Patriots want revenge too much to screw up this game. Then, I’ll feel ridiculously confident and tell myself that the Giants are playing too well to let this one slip through their fingers. But honestly, in my heart, I know it’ll come down to the wire. One play, one mistake, one lucky break, will decide this championship. I also think there is a rather large chance of this game going down as one of the best in NFL history.

At this point, the game has been analyzed within an inch of its life, and I don’t really have anything else to contribute that hasn’t already been said. So, I’m just going to say to all those Giant and Patriot fans out there, and even those of you who just love football; remember Sunday night. Whether the outcome is good or bad, try to remind yourself that you’re witnessing history.

And just for the record…. Go Giants!!!


One thought on “The Game

  1. Its the playoffs right now and if i was you i would bet your money on the HEAT! And im going to tell you why Dwyane Wade is so Clutch its riuciulods he is the perfect mid range shooter and a good beyond the ark shooter as well Lebron James is not as clutch as D wade BUT i can tell you that he is Clutch! but if i was you i would put my money in the Lakers as well..Kobe Bryant has that killer instinct that nobody can stop and once the ball get in his hands at the last minute you better watch out! so if i was you i would bet on either the heat or the laker OR the heat AND the lakers

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