The Hunger Games Media Blitz

A great MTV interview with Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson…. absolutely hilarious :)



A gigantic article and photo spread in The Hollywood Reporter. The article is chock full of never before seen details about pre-production as well as giving us the story of how director Gary Ross acquired the job (including an adorable anecdote about his kids). It goes on to talk about the ridiculously intense and strenuous casting process (fun fact: it took star Jennifer Lawrence three days to accept the lead role of Katniss Everdeen). I recommend the article if you’re a true fan who is dying to know every last detail about the movie because it provides some awesome insights.

Hutcherson, Hemswroth, Lawrence, and Ross

Next up is the news that The Hunger Games will get a limited IMAX release (one week to be precise). This is exciting for us super fans who want to see the film in all its glory on those gigantic screens. I know I’ll definitely be there, will you?

Last, Entertainment Weekly gives us the news that a couple of scenes that weren’t in the novel will be added to the movie. These two new scenes will both center around President Snow, played by the always amazing Donald Sutherland (I mean he is Jack Bauer’s father after all). I’m actually totally fine with Ross doing this because it will give us a little more character development.

Donald Sutherland as President Snow


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