While We Wait…

The next 60 days will no doubt go by ridiculously slowly as we Game of Thrones fans await the return of our favorite show. However, there are definitely are some ways to help lessen our pain. Thanks to the lovely people over at Access Hollywood, we have a long interview with none other than Davos Seaworth himself Liam Cunningham.

His enthusiasm for the project is infectious. He obviously knows that Game of Thrones is something special and something that needs to be done right. It is so refreshing to see an actor care so much about a project. If you want some more, Cunningham also did a question and answer session with the website where he name-checks one of my favorite Game of Throne blogs, WinterIsComing.net. So check out that site for all the news regarding the HBO adaptation. Cunningham is also on Twitter (yay!) so be sure to follow him because once the shows start to air, he will definitely have inside scoop to share 😉

If that wasn’t enough, Access Hollywood promises us more interviews with the cast and crew (one every week to be precise) until the premier. So look out for those, I’ll probably be posting them here as well.

If you want suggestions on what else to do until April 1st, I recommend a re-watch of season 1. It’ll help to keep important plot points in your head as we embark into Clash of Kings territory. I’m pretty sure that I will be doing one myself then, after each episode, posting my thoughts/reactions/reviews/incoherent blabbering.

So, the wait will be inescapably brutal, but hopefully, together, we can make it slightly tolerable :)

One thought on “While We Wait…

  1. Before I say anything else, let me state this. I love the show. I am obesssed with it. Ok on to my issues. I think at this point, my biggest complaint with the show is their handling of Daenerys. She is NOTHING like in the books. Every definitive scene that we experience her in how she grows, how her relationship with Drogo develops, how she begins to believe and know she is Khaleesi, have been completely destroyed. Where she is in the show right now, by this point in the books, we know Dany is a force to be reckoned with, and her growth and development make sense. In the show, she is still this unsure little girl who is victimized at every turn. This is not Daenerys. Like the scene in this week s episode for example. In the books this is the first time we see her stand up to Viserys. There were two instances in that scene that were changed that drastically change the tone of the scene, and their relevance to Dany’s development. Why the writers are choosing to do this, only they know but I sure hope that we start seeing Dany come into her own because she is one of the main characters of these books, and she just doesn t feel that important to me in the TV show, even though she is getting the screen time. Another big beef I have is Drogo. In the TV show he is nothing more than a rapist barbarian, and in the books, he is so much more. He is actually one of my favorite characters, and it makes me very sad that he is not getting the treatment he deserves. The lack of importance given to the relationship between the Stark children and the dire wolves is also bothering me a lot, but I understand that there is only so much you can do here. Now -this week s episode. For a third episode I thought it did its job. It wasn t as fast paced or intense as the first two, but we were introduced to some of the major players at King’s Landing. I think one of my favorite scenes was Arya and Syrio. It felt very authentic though I disliked the fact that the scene with Ned and Arya that eventually leads up to Arya and Syrio was completely changed. Maybe I m being overly critical but for me, it is these nuances that the TV show seems to be skipping, that make these books so fantastic. Catelyn s arrival to King s Landing comes to mind. One scene that I loved but again, had issues with (I m such a complainer lol) was Tyrion and Jon Snow when the boys are putting their swords away. It wasn t a big deal to me that they removed the black smith all together, and gave Tyrion the lines instead, but this scene was important because it made Jon realize that though he is a bastard, he still has it better than most, if not all of the boys at the Wall and this was not as potent in the speech that Tyrion gives Jon. I have so much more to say, but I will keep the rest simple. The casting for Petyr Baelish is perfect. Renly left me a bit unsatisfied, Varys is perfect and I will leave off with the question I have been asking myself in each episode WHERE IS GHOST?????? (sorry if this is all over the place. wrote this at work. don’t tell on me)

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