Daily Links

Here are some of my favorite pieces from this morning regarding the New York Giants…

  • George R.R. Martin (author of the Song of Ice and Fire series) talks about his favorite team HERE
  • A cheeky little post about the Giant’s official Twitter feed laying into the Jets… HaHa :)
  • The debate is finally over (for the next two weeks at least) Eli is Elite
  • What grades would you give the G-Men? Find out HERE
  • Apparently Big Brother was in San Francisco last night…. Hmmm
  • This one is really good :) Destiny

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  1. Well, did you actually make use of their relusts, or their analysis method or something? Should have cited them. Did not make use of their stuff in your project? Don’t cite. Citations aren’t like s, digg s or +1 s and this isn’t a schoolyard popularity contest.

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