A Triumph of Feminism

I was reading Rich Lowry’s post titled “Dude, Where’s My Lifeboat?” at National Review Online and thought I could expand on his thoughts regarding the current state of Chivalry.


I think we can now set the exact time and date that chivalry died. When the cruise ship off the coast of Italy started to sink eyewitnesses talked of the mad rush towards the life boats. Big men pushed women with small children out of the way to secure their place on a lifeboat.


What we are witnessing is a triumph of feminism. Congratulations feminists, you have finally won. No longer do we have the wallow in the hell of female stereotypes. We are just as strong and have exactly the same wants and needs as men. I mean look at all those men embracing feminism so wholeheartedly. They should be awarded in my opinion.


Its startlingly obvious that my generation has grown up with this pseudo-feminism thrown in our faces at every turn. Having gone to an all girls school for fifteen years, I’ve probably faced more of it than most. It’s not like its a wholly bad thing, I mean I’m happy I can vote and all that, it’s just that we’ve taken it too far. When women started getting mad at guys for holding a door open for them and giving up their seats on the subway, there was no turning back.


This cruise ship meltdown puts the issue into perspective. It’s a little disconcerting that the sinking of a giant ship is what it takes for people to start discussing this issue. I believe that the biggest problem is the entitlement factor. In my experience, most young girls go through life thinking their entitled to preferential treatment exclusively because of their gender. This mind set is reenforced by the school system and by their home environment (Internet, TV, Parents).


Don’t get me wrong though, I wouldn’t want to go back to the days where women couldn’t be educated and existed for the sole purpose of popping out sons. But it would be nice for women to be more appreciative and for men to be a little more courteous.


But maybe I’m asking too much. Lets face it, what real men go on Carnival Cruise Ships?


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