Hail Yeah!

This feeling is kinda familiar… at least to me. I remember the 2007 New York Giants playoff run, and I particularly remember their divisional game against the Dallas Cowboys that earned them a trip to the frozen tundra in Green Bay and a date with a resurgent Brett Favre.


I remember that game because I hate the Cowboys more than any other team in the league and that year they had beat us twice in the regular season. I remember that game because for probably the first time all season I did not watch a Giants game in the comfort of my family room, instead, I was invited over to my Grandparents house to watch it with them. I remember that game because my Grandparents had also invited our Parish priest to come over and watch the game, and watching a game in the presence of a priest is something you don’t really forget.


The game was hard fought and close. But Tony Romo didn’t let us Giants fan down and threw a bad interception late to seal the deal. I remember being shocked, like legitimately shocked. We weren’t supposed to win, I was at the age where I believed everything the “experts” had to say and from their perspective, the Giants had no shot. So imagine my surprise when my Dad drives me home already talking about how the Giants will match up against Green Bay.


The next couple of weeks are magical, some of the best of my life as an all around sports fan. And I always look back on those weeks, especially after our win in Dallas, and think to myself that there was a specific kind of feeling that I had that made the whole thing seem kinda inevitable… like, excuse my cheese, destiny. When the Tynes kicked the ball through the frozen uprights, I cheered, when the ball somehow stuck to Tyree’s helmet, I screamed, and when Eli threw that perfect pass to Plaxico in the back of the endzone, I cried. But through everything I thought to myself, well yeah, obviously, we’re the team of freakin’ destiny.


I haven’t felt that way in all long time. Even the next year when we had a fantastic regular season that probably should’ve ended at the Superbowl. But that dream died when our number one receiver shot himself in the leg by accident…


I felt it last night. Like for real felt it. When Eli’s Hail Mary found its target I flashed back to 2007. This team, I think, has that feeling as well. There are not a lot of guys left from 2007 but there are enough. I mean we just beat the best team in the league by 17 points, and that was with 14 points gift wrapped by the awful refs (come on, everyone with eyes knew that was a fumble). I think that the Giants have too much momentum and the players are sensing that inevitability. A lot of things need to happen before the Lombardi trophy is raised once again, but for some reason the road looks clear and inviting.


This was supposed to be an analysis, but I realized quickly that its hard to analyze destiny. Maybe I’m too big of a fan to look that last night with any sort of objectivity. But even people who do that for a living are saying that this team is special in a rare kind of way.


Oh an if they lose next week, well……………… haha just kidding, they wont lose :)



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